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Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
Aide - Special Education – Life Skills12/06/2019ClassifiedSEVEN LAKES HIGHApply
Teacher – Autism Special Education – Elementary YCAP *REPOST12/06/2019CertifiedKING ELEMENTARYApply
Teacher – Special Education – Elementary Resource/ICS12/06/2019CertifiedKING ELEMENTARYApply
Asst. Special Needs Router12/05/2019AuxiliaryTRANSPORTATION (WEST, SOUTH, & EAST)Apply
Teacher – Secondary Special Education Resource/ICS (Math)12/05/2019CertifiedMAYDE CREEK HIGHApply
Teacher – Secondary Special Education Resource/ICS (ESL Certification Preferred)12/05/2019CertifiedSEVEN LAKES HIGHApply
Aide - Special Education – Resource/ICS12/05/2019ClassifiedWINBORN ELEMENTARYApply
Teacher – Secondary English w/ESL Certification12/05/2019CertifiedMORTON RANCH HIGH SCHOOLApply
Clerk – Attendance (Elementary, Junior High, & High School)12/05/2019ClassifiedBECKENDORFF JUNIOR HIGHApply
Teacher – Secondary - Social Studies Composite/Head Boys Cross Country Coach/Asst. Soccer Coach12/05/2019CertifiedTAYLOR HIGH SCHOOLApply
Aide - Special Education – Resource/ICS12/04/2019ClassifiedGOLBOW ELEMENTARYApply
Teacher – Special Education – Elementary Resource/ICS12/04/2019CertifiedGOLBOW ELEMENTARYApply
Teacher – Secondary - Composite Science12/04/2019CertifiedCINCO RANCH HIGH SCHOOLApply
Aide - Special Education – Resource/ICS12/03/2019ClassifiedWOLFE ELEMENTARYApply
Executive Director - Transportation12/03/2019AdministrativeOPERATIONS AST. SUP.Apply
7th Grade Math Teacher12/03/2019CertifiedMORTON RANCH JUNIOR HIGHApply
Clerk Receptionist-(Spanish preferred)12/03/2019ClassifiedSCHMALZ ELEMENTARYApply
Assistant Principal - Junior High12/03/2019AdministrativeTAYS JUNIOR HIGHApply
Crossing Guard - Tompkins High School12/03/2019AuxiliaryTOMPKINS HIGH SCHOOLApply
Teacher – Special Education – Elementary Resource/ICS12/03/2019CertifiedDAVIDSON ELEMENTARYApply
Teacher - Elementary K-512/03/2019CertifiedGOLBOW ELEMENTARYApply
Aide - Special Education – Life Skills12/03/2019ClassifiedBECK JUNIOR HIGHApply
Clerk - Library12/02/2019ClassifiedMORTON RANCH ELEMENTARYApply
Assistant Director Transportation11/22/2019AdministrativeTRANSPORTATION (EAST)Apply
Social Studies Teacher with Coachng11/22/2019CertifiedMAYDE CREEK JUNIOR HIGHApply
8th Grade Math Teacher (Start Date 1-6-2020)11/22/2019CertifiedWOODCREEK JUNIOR HIGHApply
Aide – ESL (Secondary) Repost11/22/2019ClassifiedCARDIFF JUNIOR HIGHApply
Teacher – Secondary - English w/ESL Suppliment11/22/2019CertifiedMAYDE CREEK HIGHApply
Aide - Special Education – Life Skills11/21/2019ClassifiedCARDIFF JUNIOR HIGHApply
Clerk – Receptionist11/21/2019ClassifiedCARDIFF JUNIOR HIGHApply
Textbook Clerk11/21/2019ClassifiedMAYDE CREEK JUNIOR HIGHApply
Clerk - Financial - Junior High11/21/2019ClassifiedBECKENDORFF JUNIOR HIGHApply
Secretary – Junior High Principal11/21/2019ClassifiedBECKENDORFF JUNIOR HIGHApply
Lead Counselor - Paetow High School11/21/2019CertifiedPAETOW HIGH SCHOOLApply
Campus Extracurricular Clerk11/20/2019ClassifiedPAETOW HIGH SCHOOLApply
Teacher – Secondary 9-12- English (Start Date 1-6-2020)11/20/2019CertifiedSEVEN LAKES HIGHApply
Dyslexia Teacher - Itinerant (KHS & CRHS)11/20/2019CertifiedINTERVENTIONSApply
Secondary - English II Teacher11/20/2019CertifiedPAETOW HIGH SCHOOLApply
Teacher – Secondary Journalism - Yearbook11/19/2019CertifiedMORTON RANCH HIGH SCHOOLApply
Bus Driver, Bus Driver Part Time, Bus Driver Substitute11/19/2019AuxiliaryTRANSPORTATION (WEST, SOUTH, & EAST)Apply
Principal – Elementary11/19/2019AdministrativeFIELDER ELEMENTARYApply
Teacher – Secondary - Science Composite (start 1/6/20)11/14/2019CertifiedTAYLOR HIGH SCHOOLApply
General Maintenance11/13/2019AuxiliaryMAINTENANCE & OPERATIONSApply
MA Senior General Maintenance11/13/2019AuxiliaryMAINTENANCE & OPERATIONSApply
SHSU 4+1 Paraprofessional11/11/2019ClassifiedALL CAMPUSESApply
Substitute - Paraprofessional - 1/13/20 SUB BLITZ11/08/2019SubstituteSUBSTITUTESApply
Substitute - Non-Degreed Teacher - 1/13/20 SUB BLITZ11/08/2019SubstituteSUBSTITUTESApply
Substitute - Degreed Teacher - 1/13/20 SUB BLITZ11/08/2019SubstituteSUBSTITUTESApply
Substitute - Certified Teacher - 1/13/20 SUB BLITZ11/08/2019SubstituteSUBSTITUTESApply
High School Campus Athletic Coordinator/Head Football10/31/2019AdministrativeJORDAN HIGH SCHOOLApply